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Cacti templates for VMware ESXi
A collection of templates to plot VMware ESXi4 Virtual Machine and Server IO, MEM, NET and CPU performance.
The script included in zip file collects data from ESXi4 using by op5 and VMware Perl toolkit.
The original script from Mikael Schmidt, IXX, was expanded to include cpu, mem and net data plot.
You can download zip file here .
Ref. giancarlo.birello -@-


Vfront add-on for SSO saml authentication
very beta version!
- install Vfront
and first access using $conf_auth['tipo_external_auth']= '';
then  $conf_auth['tipo_external_auth']= 'saml';
patche Vfront with these files:
- install simplesamlphp
and configure for memcache (install memcached too)
and configure SP metadata and Federation metadata
Ref. giancarlo.birello -@-